High Frequency Glueers

High Frequency Panel Gluing Machine

The MSP INDUSTRIAL High Frequency Panel Adhesive is used in the bonding of wood panels using radio frequency waves, electronic system (PLC), accelerating the glue drying process and thus generating greater productivity.

Flyer High Frequency Glueers

Spare Parts – Wood and Furniture

– Coupler / Load Variator (manual and automatic)
– Ammeters
– Ceramic and mica capacitors
– Glue injector kit (Finger)
– Repair kit (AF)
– Pressure gauges
– Electric panel
– Diodes Boards
– PSC (Over Current Protection) 1.8 2.5 3, 5A
– Glue reservoirs
– Resistors
– Adhesive roller
– Schoker
– High Transformer
– Filament transformer
– Impedance Transformer
– Valves 30 kw and 60 kw

Flyer Spare Parts
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