Induction Heating Machines

Model Channel with Combined Shower

For total or partial heating, or total heating of material for subsequent cooling, with a combined shower (water).

Drill Brazing

Disc Brazing

Copper Wire Brazing

For application in industrial processes (brazing).

Thermal Shock


Cable Equipment

200KWs forging equipment from Blank’s

Equipment for the total forging of Blank’s, automatic feeding system with adaptation to a belt feeder, water / water cooling system.

Partial Forging

Total Forging

Model Treadmill

Equipment with Conveyor parts for partial heating with advance of the isolating transformer with motor reducer or servomotor.

Model Magazine

For Total and Partial heating of Billets and Blank`s with feeding trough. Pneumatic / hydraulic advance system, Coil with dovetail connection. Floating generator on springs. Tubular guide in refrigerated stainless steel. CLP (Touch Screen) for pre-defined recipes.

Manual Model – Partial Forging

Tunnel and Swivel Model

For Total (Tunnel) and Partial (Carousel) heating, Electrolytic Copper Inductor with (internal) Teflon coating, cast with refractory concrete (Tunnel). Electrolytic copper inductor coated with electrostatic powder paint, with dovetail connection (quick change).

Fusion of Materials

Quenching Equipment with 2 Workstations

Clamp and Pin Temper

Saw Quenching

Spare Parts – Mechanical Metal

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