Our Products

High Frequency Glueers

The MSP INDUSTRIAL High Frequency Panel Adhesive is used in the bonding of wood panels using radio frequency waves, electronic system (PLC), accelerating the glue drying process and thus generating greater productivity.

Special Equipment

27MHZ PVC, Textile and Leather welding equipment.
We manufacture equipment according to the needs of each client’s application.
Our equipment provides excellent productivity, precise control, quality of heated parts and an energy efficiency of 94 to 96%.

Induction Heating Machines

MSP INDUSTRIAL produces and offers an attractive combination of speed, consistency, control and efficiency in the manufacture of machines for Inductive heating from 05 to 1500 KWS, with the latest generation transistor technology (IGBT), together with high frequency tube generators for applications in:
• Forging: For total or partial heating of Billets and Blanks of Steel, Brass, Aluminum for later forming;
• Thermal shock in Rotors;
• Heating in light and heavy connecting rods;
• Heating and expansion of tubes, engine covers and others;
• Heating for Thread Rolling;
• Steering Wheel Rack Heating;
• Temper: Total or Localized;
• Brazing: With the addition of solder alloys;
• Tempering: Total or Partial;
• Sintering;
• Longitudinal Welding of Steel Tubes.

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