High Frequency Gluers

High Frequency Panel Gluing Machine

For those looking for efficiency, agility, economy and quality in gluing wooden panels and blocks. Through radio frequency waves, the glue drying process is accelerated and controlled, using the electronic system (IHM), achieving greater reliability and savings.

• Short and long wooden batten;
• Types of wood: Pine, Teka, Itauba, Eucalyptus, Balsa, Tauari, among others;
• Capacity for gluing wood widths from 10 to 140mm;
• Capacity for gluing special projects, consult process department;
• Capacity for gluing wood with a thickness of 15 to 150mm; PVA glue or catalyzed EPI.

High Frequency Gluing Machines Brochure

Automated Continuous High Frequency Gluer – CCA

For those looking for efficiency with lower production costs, we present the Continuous Panel Gluer with automated input and output. It has a feeder, glue applicator by comb or roller and high-performance generator, assembly of panels automated by mechanical arms. With this equipment, the wood enters the gluing process and leaves via a conveyor belt going to the unloading system, where it is cut as needed, then unloaded and palletized.

Machines for Gluing Wood, Blades and Curved MDF (Anatomical) by High Frequency

The wood bending press with high-frequency (HF) heating has a fast and 100% pollutant-free forming process.
The bending process involves a set of presses with vertical cylinders, or with a vertical and horizontal set, plus a high frequency generator that powers the two presses, in a simplified process where, while one press is being prepared, the other is forming and drying the adhesive (glue). The hydraulic cylinders press the wooden piece until the desired curvature and after reaching its shape, the radio frequency heating and gluing process is applied.

Special High Frequency Gluer

For high-frequency gluing of wide and long wood with more production efficiency, this is the ideal gluer. With a high frequency generator from 3.8 to 12 MHZ, it works with quality and speed in gluing beams, MLC (Glued Laminated Timber) and CLT (cross laminated timber).

Start High Frequency Gluer

It is the solution for those who are starting out in the high frequency segment or needing to increase their production with improved quality!
It allows the gluing of different types of wood up to a maximum of 100mm in height, and has a series of optional items.
Equipment available in modules, according to customer needs.

Replacement Parts – Lumber and Furniture Maker

– Load Coupler/Variator (manual and automatic)
– Ammeters
– Ceramic and mica capacitors
– Glue injector kit (Finger)
– Repair kit (AF)
– Pressure gauges
– Electric panel
– Diode Plates
– PSC (Over current Protection) 1.8 2.5 3.5A
– Glue reservoirs (trough)
– Resistors
– Glue passing roller
– High Transformer
– Filament transformer
– Impedance Transformer
– 30 kw and 60 kw valves

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